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Hi, I'm Marnie Bennett, A Different Type of Realtor!

Marnie Bennett's Bio:

Marnie Bennett is one of the standout Realtors in all of Canada. She has more than 30 years experience, and has worked for many of Canada's leading realty agencies. In 2008 she was even voted Ottawa's Professional Businesswoman of the Year. Just one of many awards that she's received in her time as a Realtor.

Her biggest achievement came when working for one of the major real estate development agencies in Quebec and Ontario. There she would guide them to making more than $40,000,000 annual gross profits, serving as Executive Vice-President of the entire company. That success allowed for her to branch out on her own, and start her own companies.

The first in 2007 was Bennett Real Estate Professionals, which served as a mentoring program for up and coming realtors, looking to learn the trade. The firm also provided unique services for finding builders, developers, property managers, and investors for all different kinds of real estate needs, to make a one stop for all things realty.

That led to the creation of Bennett Property Shop Realty, which had been the culmination of Marnie Bennett's 31 year dream to open up her own real estate brokerage. This is currently where Marnie plies her trade, and works day to day as a realtor.  

Marnie also remains a big part of Canada's real estate industry.  Through her foray into development and investment, as well as the continued work she puts into her own brokerage, Marnie remains one of the most successful realtors, and real esate brokers throughout all of Canada. 

Marnie Bennett's Experience:

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